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California Shaped Desks and Coffee Tables By J. Rusten Studio

The California Series of desks and coffee tables by Jared Rusten of J. Rusten Studio are functional and fun handcrafted wood tables whose tops are shaped like the state of California.

above: prototype on the left, finished table on the right

The wooden top is made of salvaged Claro walnut (native to CA) and the base is salvaged white oak, treated with a vinegar & steel solution to produce the charcoal/ebony staining.

The prices are as follows:
Large Desk $2,950
Medium Desk $2,350
Medium Coffee table $2,250
Small Coffee table $1,650

you can purchase the pieces online here or you can mail a check to him at:

J. Rusten Furniture Studio
P.O. Box 40755
San Francisco, CA 94140

Jared Rusten creates modern, solid-wood furniture, sculpture, and artwork under the appellation: J. Rusten Furniture Studio.

above photo by Neil Barrett for Taylor Stitch

The studio was founded in 2003 with a mandate to advance the craft of woodworking, explore new and challenging solid-wood furniture designs, and construct beautiful, compelling, singular, and enduring objects.

The studio/workshop is located at 2815 23rd St. in San Francisco’s Mission District

See more of his fine wood furniture here.

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