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Introducing VOD-K, Caramel & Truffle Flavored Premium Vodka From Paris.

VOD-K, the subtle combination of pure grain vodka, caramel and black truffles is a new premium vodka from Paris-based Fryd Food & Drink produced and bottled in Cognac in the Charente, the birthplace of expertise and tradition in quality spirits and liqueurs.

An exceptional vodka, VOD-K differs from its sister premium pure grain through the subtle aroma of truffles and caramel it releases every sip. This exclusive alliance gives contrasting notes, leaving the palate an impression of strength and softness.

Fryd Food & Drink tapped agency QSLD Paris to brand the new premium vodka. The agency worked on the name research, the graphic identity and the package design.

Frydlender Lawrence is a lover of terroir and flavors forgotten. A true epicurean, he has always advocated a return to the earth and the real. After more than 20 years in the world of cosmetics and traveling the world, he created Fryd Food & Drink. As a nod to the founder, VOD-K is nestled in a crystal bottle much like a vial of perfume. Composed mainly of crystal glass, it features a thick base which supports pattern etched glass that results in a brushed metal nose with a plastic insert designed much like perfume.

"I wanted to reconsider, premiumize and modernize the distillery sample bottle. The bottle of Vod-k is cylinder-shaped heavy and weighted to underline its premium character. This character is highlightened by the mat finishing of its Brown anodized metal cap. The bottom of the bottle is truffle shaped. The concept of Vod-k has been thought from the beginning to the end to create a consistent universe. Vod-k is a modern interpretation of the « demijohn ». Unique by its shape and its graphic design, Vod-k is also a decorative object. Thought to be exhibited, no detail has been left to chance." Denis Boudard of QSLD says.

The name « vod-k » is phonetical and looks like an sms word. A universal name, easy to remember, to understand and pronounce all over the world.

Specializing in truffle based fine foods, Fryd Food & Drink has previously trusted QSLD Paris with the design and graphic identity of their own logotype and QSLD worked on the graphic and volume design of many of their products (e.g.Olive oil, truffle flavoured salt and pasta).

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