Watch & Warm. A Flat Screen TV And Fireplace In One.

The Scenario from MCZ and Loewe combines sound, image and heat. A fireplace that incorporates a flat screen LCD TV complete with audio speakers.

The front cladding is made of tempered glass with a painted steel shelf and painted black steel framework. Scenario integrates a closed fireplace (either the wood-burning Vivo 90 Wood or the gas burning Forma 95 Gas) and a Loewe 37" LCD TV complete with two 60 W speakers.

It also comes with a rail for remote controls (which are included for the tv and the gas burning fireplace) and comes in an integrated cabinet for a dvd player or a satellite receiver, etc.

The wood burning Vivo 90:

The gas burning Forma 95:

overall dimensions:
width = 750 mm
length = 2050 mm
Depth = 100 mm

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Darcy Davidson said...

Have you read any of the reviews on this product? I've always wondered about the heat of the fire affecting the TV, whether it is close to or mounted above the fireplace.

Johna said...

The Scenario is nifty and all but I really want to know where to get those lounge chairs in the 4th picture.

TV Frames said...

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Vizio XVT3SV said...

Am also didnt read the reviews related to this yet. Plz provide the link.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.