Putting A Fingerprint On Custom Wood Furniture. A Sterling Silver One.

Bespoke (or custom) furniture craftsman Edward Johnson makes beautiful original pieces of modern furniture from wood, with a very unique signature. A designer and cabinetmaker, he combines contemporary knowledge of ergonomics and design with the traditional craft of woodworking. Dining room tables, chairs, sideboards, nesting tables, and jewelry boxes made with exotic wood like rippled Sycamore and Zebrano, embody both luxury and functionality.

His signature is a sterling silver hallmarked impression of his biometric fingerprint embedded into the pieces, an equally beautiful and personal touch.

His Easy Chair is one of my favorites, combining modern ergonomics and sensibilities with laminated beech wood and walnut:

His "Volumptuous" sideboard (yes, that is purposely misspelled) :

Vacuum sideboard:

Firestarter Table:

Nesting tables; Ed, Edd and Eddy:

Perpetual Bloom Dining Table:

Sentinel side tables:

Jewelry box:

Every piece of his bespoke furniture is personally handmade at his workshop in Sussex. His attention to detail and refusal to compromise on quality is maintained from start to finish. He invites his clients to visit the workshop to discover the craftsmanship and expertise that Edward brings to his designs and pieces.

Edward Johnson Bespoke Furniture

Studio Address:
Old Bank House,
64 Barnham Road,
West Sussex,
PO22 0ES,
United Kingdom

Workshop Address:
Scott Workshops,
37 South Street,
Portslade Village,
East Sussex,
BN41 2LE,
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)7793 082 011


Anna said...

Wow. never seen such a creative woodwork as the wavery sideboard.

*.g Anna

Ondrej said...

The perpetual table looks fantastic.

Harvest table said...

These wooden tables are looks so beautiful...........

Gary Neal said...

Oh my gosh. This is seriously some of the coolest custom wood furniture that I have ever seen. I especially loved that first dresser-like piece. The contorted waves made it look so interesting. It was like the waves of the ocean were cut into the wood. How did you do that? I didn't know it was possible to get that kind of look in wood!

Axel Lippstadt said...

Unbelievable, never thought that handmade wooden furniture could be so cool. That´s more than one step awy from form follows function I guess.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.