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Models As Sexy Greek Gods & Goddesses For The 2011 Pirelli Calendar

NOTE: This post has been altered since it was originally published to conform to Google Ad Sense's provisions.

Ordinarily I do an annual post on the most amazing and artful calendars for each new year, but this year snuck up on me so quickly, that other than the Lavazza 2011 calendar and recently, the 2011 Miss Tuning calendar, I didn't get a chance to share this wonderful example with you.

Even though we are coming upon April already, if you didn't get a chance to look at Pirelli's spectacularly sexy calendar -all 36 photos- shot by Karl Lagerfeld (the creative director of CHANEL), it's worth a look.

The black and white 2011 Calendar is an homage to Greek Mythology with scantily clad (and in some cases, entirely nude) and stunningly beautiful male and female models portraying Greek Gods and Goddesses such as Hermes, Bacchus, Apollo, Achilles, Aurora, Zeus and actress Julianne Moore as Hera. Other models in the calendar include Anja Rubik, Baptiste Giabiconi, Iris Strubegger, Lara Stone, Erin Wasson, Bianca Balti, Garret Neff, Isabeli Fontana, Heidi Mount, Natasha Poly and Magdalena Frackowiak.

Note to my readers: Due to Google Ad Sense, I have had to delete several images in this post. Covering the 'naughty bits' with black censor bars did not appease them and due to the following from them, I have had no choice.

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Despite the fact that this post features fine art photography, was clearly labeled, tagged and indicated NSFW and has been enjoyed by thousands with no complaints until now, I had to alter it and remove 24 images.

The Pirelli calendar is not available for purchase, but instead is designed for special Pirelli customers and clients.

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