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All The Opus Watches (1 through 11) From Harry Winston & Various Horologists.

In 2001, Harry Winston launched the Opus series. The Opus concept was based on the idea of creating an exceptional timepiece each year in partnership with a gifted independent horologist. The partners work together as equals and collaborate to produce innovative and groundbreaking luxury watches.

above: the most recent addition to the Opus Watch series was developed with Dennis Giguet

I don't know why but some have spelled out numbers, other use an Arabic numeral and still others use a Roman Numeral to designate the edition, so in my post I will do the same. Most recently the Opus 11 (shown above) was introduced, but I thought you might want to see all of the Opus watches since 2001.

Opus One, developed with F.P. Journe:

Opus Two, developed with Antoine Preziuso:

Opus 3, developed with Vianney Halter:

Opus 4, developed with Christopher Claret:

Opus V, developed with Felix Baumgartner:

Opus 6, developed with Gruebel Forsey:

Opus 7, developed with Andreas Stehler:

Opus 8, developed with Frederic Garinaud & CSH:

Opus 9, developed with Jean Marc Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud:

Opus X, developed with Jean-François Mojon:

Opus Eleven, developed with Dennis Giguet:

To learn more about each of the Opus watches, visit Harry Winston

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