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The 420 on Bone China and Ceramic Apple Pipes from Awmoo and Lisa Sitko.

Ever scrounge around looking for something to serve as a makeshift vessel with which you can indulge in smoking your medically prescribed marijuana? Or some loose tobacco? Perhaps a piece of fruit or a toilet paper roll?

Well, search no longer. Awmoo And sculptor Lisa Sitko have created elegant alternatives of bone china and ceramic based on the design of the apple as pipe.


Carefully hand-made out of bone china in the United States, and priced at $150 USD, they are now taking pre-orders on their web site.

Lisa Sitko Ceramic Apple Pipes:
Another available apparatus based on the apple as pipe:

Buy the $80 ceramic Apple sculptures by Lisa Sitko

Also available is the Glass Apple Bubbler:

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.