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Michel Gondry's Dream for Motorola didn't fly. Care to submit yours?

In early 2007, Motorola hired visionary artist Michel Gondry (as well as some other directors) to produce a film based on the experience of their new phone, the Motorola Razr2.

Here's Gondry's esoteric film, The Dream.
I've posted it as a low res file so it doesn't take forever to view. To see the hi-res versions, click here.

Not without its controversy, Motorola and Gondry didn't exactly see eye to eye (read article here). The ad never ran and instead, the bizarre spot with the couple on the subway platform throwing their phones like ninja death stars ran (seen below).

But back to Gondry's film and the chance to make your own...

The site includes stills as well as a video of the making of the film.

You can even view Gondry's sketches for the spot here.

In addition to films by Gondry, Tarsem and more, they invite you to make and submit your own film.
Here are the requirements:

They supply you with images and script formats.
So, have at it! And good luck...

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