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Meet Rasmus Fenhann: A Contemporary Craftsman

In my usual scouring of the web, I came across a young and very talented craftsman named Rasmus Fenhann. His work is beautiful and I wanted to share it with you.

He's been the recipient of many danish design awards and has had his work commissioned for several projects and is a gifted antiques restorer as well. He also does custom work.

above: Rasmus in his workshop.

above: Some of his tools in his workshop.

Theatre chair
Graduation design project by Rasmus Fenhann
laminated Maple veneer, Stainless steel, H:850 W:600 D:600

This chair is made for the new National Theatre that is going to be located near the harbour in central Copenhagen.

Rasmus says "I wanted to make a chair that looks light in the space as an individual element. The chair is saving space so that the audience can come closer to the actors. It is possible to make the chair with upholstery inside for concert hall acoustics."

He makes other beautiful wood furniture products and custom commissions as well. The custom pear wood Architect's Portfolio he made for his sister way back in 1997 is stunning.

His hiKARI collection (2005) of lamps crafted of Oregon pine are an elegant homage to japanese lamp design:

Lamps in Oregon pine:

The minimalist design comes from geometry. Rasmus Fenhann is using the old polyhedral shapes in a new way. The 6 lamps are made by equilateral polygons, which make the lamps simple, poetic and functional: the light is allowed to spread to all sides, and the handmade paper gives a soft and pleasant light.

Contact info:
Rasmus Fenhann
Classensgade 65, 1 th. -3
DK-2100 København Ø

Workshop address:
Mariendalsvej 25b, Baghuset
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel. +45 35 38 81 24
Mobile: +45 26 54 06 04


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