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Product Pick Of The Week: The Stûv 21 Fireplace

Above: The Stûv 21 in rust

I love this fireplace because it's got storage, clean lines and a retractable door! And although it takes up space, it's not an eyesore.

And it comes with different claddings (the surround) so it can suit your interior.

Above: The Stûv in white

How it works

The Stûv 21 makes use of a simple law of physics : natural combustion : air circulates in a double wall (1) around the hearth, heats up and escapes through purpose-built vents (2). One can also route some of that hot air to an adjacent room. So there is no fan, no noise, no risk of a breakdown, no electrical connection. The glass door remains clear : the air required for combustion sweeps the inner face (3) and prevents soot from making it dirty.

Integration into a low volume

Partial raising of the glass door allows the Stûv 21 to be integrated into a low horizontal space.

Limiting the travel of the glass door means the hearth height can be reduced by 15 to 25 cm depending on the model, and the stove can then be inserted into a low horizontal volume and thus break away from the traditional vertical shape.
It can also be inserted into an old fireplace.

Go here for more information and to purchase.

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