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Staying Cozy For $360 bucks, $45. Or $19.95. The Shivers, The Slanket or The Snuggie?

Note this original post was written long before the Snuggie entered the market and compared only the Shivers with the Slanket. It has since been updated.

Three executions of the same concept. And what a difference marketing, pric epoint and quality can make. The latest entry is selling the most despite the fact that the other two were available long before. That's what late night tv and an under 20$ price point can do for you.

A cozy sofa blanket with sleeves to wrap you in warmth. Similar designs, different materials and different price points make them appeal to entirely different audiences.

Luxe: The "Shivers"
designed by Thélermont Hupton.

A super luxurious version and my personal choice if I had to wear a throw blanket as apparel. An elegant lambswool version complete with fringe in a lovely grey and costs approx $362 USD.

Thélermont Hupton's design is informed by the rituals and changing patterns of everyday living and investigated through form, materials, arrangement, and expression. Experimental ideas are resolved into simple but commercial solutions that are accessible, relevant and practical.
100% Lambswool.
Delivery approx 5 weeks.
Dry clean or handwash in cold water.
Buy it Here.

Average (meh) : The Slanket

a casual polyester microfiber, comes in 12 colors options and costs $45 USD


Made from super-soft polyester microfiber and sporting two oversized sleeves, the Slanket is certainly a wonder. The sleeves allow for much greater motion than a normal blanket - think flipping through a magazine, changing channels, or grabbing another Oreo from underneath the covers - and a large, 95"x60" footprint makes sure you stay cozy, no matter what you're doing.
Buy It here.

Ghetto: The Snuggie

Available in the fewest colors, made with the least fine material of the three, the late night commercial wonder, the Snuggie, has kicked the Slankets ass due to marketing savvy (only $19.95 and a free book light to boot) since this post was originally written.

Want one? God forbid you do, but you can buy a Snuggie here.

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