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The Chance To Prove You're A Hack. (Or Design Your Own NYC Taxicab Logo)

Pardon the pun.
No, actually don't... it's a good one.

In response to the hub bub surrounding the new NYC Taxi logo, the NY Times has offered you a chance to do better.

Below is the template from the NY times (you may download it from my blog by using the right click button or 'save as' or from the NY Times online article). Then e-mail your proposal to them.

Or, better yet e-mail it to me and I will post my readers' designs here.

For those of you who want options, I've offered you an alternative template here that has the fare box on the side as well - which is a reality that the designer will have to deal with. That's right folks, I'm not going to make it easy:

Just send me your redesign by Monday (that's only the weekend people) on either template as a jpeg. If it is realistically within the design guidelines- please no deviant or joke entries, I'll be happy to share your design on this blog with my readers.
Send design entries to

Okay Hacks, get to it!

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