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Product Pick of the Week: Two Eyes TV, the R4

What is it?
An HD-Ready Flat Screen TV (with optional Built In DVD player) that comes discreetly concealed in a cabinet whose color and fabric you can customize.

The name of the R4 is derived from the optimal viewing range for our display. The R4 features an 81 cm (32”) (measured diagonal) high quality LCD screen. The combination of the size and the quality of the display allow for comfortable viewing in a range of up to 4 metres.

You will enjoy a stunningly clear image even in broad daylight. The display offers a wide viewing angle (176 degrees, both horizontally and vertically) allowing you maximum flexibility in the placement of the R4.

Most components of the R4 are manufactured in the Netherlands. Assembly also takes place in the Netherlands in order to assure maximum control over the quality of the finished products.

Digital home entertainment fills a growing part of our leisure time. Large flat screen TV’s are evolving as the centre of digital home entertainment (DVD’s video, audio, digital photo’s, internet and games). Their - wide - screens have become an integral part of our living environment. This has created the need for design televisions that enhance our personal living space. Two Eyes aims to satisfy that need.

The following principles are the basis for our home entertainment centre:

· Sophisticated and functional design.
· Freedom to place it anywhere you want.
· Appearance adaptable to individual taste.

design & development, an innovative design agency based in The Netherlands, has successfully translated these principles into the unique concept and design of the Two Eyes R4.

Also available with one of four signed limited edition printed cabinets by Dutch painter, Peter Donkersloot (only 50 of each were made). The painter will sign and number each cabinet.

We provide 3 years’ warranty on all our products.

The high quality display offers a stunningly rich and clear image and various image enhancement techniques are contributing to this.

The R4 offers a rich and full sound through its 4 inbuilt speakers: 2 midrange speakers and 2 tweeters.

The Two Eyes R4 offers maximum connectivity of other devices. A DVD player, DVB digital set top box or a PC can be simply connected by plugging a cable discretely concealed in the underside of the cabinet. A video camera can be connected behind the front interface cover. Please check the specifications section for detailed list of connectivity options.

HDTV ready
The R4 is compatible with the High Definition standard and programmes broadcasted in High Definition can be viewed on the R4.

DVD player
The R4 can be equipped with an optional ‘inbuilt’ DVD player. The DVD player is housed in a slim, hand polished aluminium casing that is attached to the underside of the R4. The cables are connected internally to the R4 and the DVD player is operated via the aluminium remote control of the R4.

Fabric and colours
The cabinet is covered with the fabric Scott by création baumann or Tempo by Kvadrat with a choice of 33 colours. On the left side you can choose the Kvadrat or Baumann sample. If you move your cursor over the samples you can view the R4 in the colour of choice.

Above:Available Kvadrat colors for the cabinet

Above: Available Creation Baumann Colors/Fabrics for the cabinet

the company:

The R4 is assembled in the Netherlands in order to assure maximum control over the quality of the finished products. All the components are carefully selected to match the highest quality standards.

They provide 3 years’ warranty on all our products.

Two Eyes Company has various patents pending for our products and industrial designs.

Two Eyes Company BV
PO Box 79019, 1070 NB Amsterdam
Westerdoksdijk 40, Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 20 496 41 00
FAX: +31 (0) 20 496 76 97

Chamber of commerce Amsterdam 34205935
VAT registration number NL8131.99.268.B01

The R4 is on display and for sale at:

Edgware Road,

Opening Times
Monday - Saturdays 10am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

T: 0870 770 1080

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