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Finn Magee's Flat Life Products. Coming Soon To A Wall Near You.

For The Flat Life project at the Designers in Residence exhibition at the Design Museum in London, Finn Magee was commissioned to develop posters along the theme of designers in residence.

He wanted the installation itself to be an advertisement for the products, so the light was ‘unpacked’ and the clock was ‘hung’ at the gallery entrance.


And the exciting news is that the Flat Life posters/products will soon be  are now available for purchase.

Flat Time:

Flat Time uses a custom crystal oscillator circuit which works with US and European power supplies. (Most bedside clocks rely on the frequency of the mains power supply to keep time.) They even programmed some greeting text into it. See if you’re late by checking the poster. The image of the radio alarm clock that uses a 7-segment LED display to tell the time.


And in black:

Flat Light:

The productive atmosphere of a desk light without the bulk. Flat Light was initially produced in black in a limited edition of 50. (These have sold out.) New colours were added with the 'Powder Coated' series. This title references the distinct colours produced by powder coating, a process used to finish the metal parts of domestic and industrial appliances. The RAL colours used are 3028 (Pure red), 6037 (Pure green), 5015 (Sky blue) and 1003 (Signal yellow). The LEDs in the poster illuminate the printed lamp.

Flat Sound
The latest addition to the Flat Life series. It's an image of a speaker that delivers a crisp, clear sound.

All the Flat Life Products can now be purchased from Finn Magee's Online Store.

About the designer:
Finn Magee graduated from an Industrial Design BA at the National College of Art and Design, Ireland in 2004. He realised he was interested in more than just the object and its manufacturing process, and wanted to explore the social context and values associated with products. An MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London fostered his interest in advertising and the construction of meaning through image.

Finn's RCA show investigated the potential of advertising techniques in product design, in particular looking at how mechanisms such as juxtaposition, humour and surprise can function in products as opposed to adverts. Finn’s Flat Life Lights are currently in development with Artemide, an Italian lighting company. He has exhibited at Design Mai in Berlin, the Salon di Mobil, Milan and the Design Museum, London.

Contact Info:
t: +44 (0) 7718990408

Photographs: Emma Wieslander and Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
Photographs of photographs: Luke Hayes

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