Karin Jurick Continues To Impress Me

Karin Jurick is not only one of my favorite painters, she's one of my favorite people. A beautiful woman, both inside and out (she no longer posts her picture on her blog, but I've seen it and she's so pretty), Karin's work is increasing in popularity and critical acclaim.

I simply needed to put this up because I was so touched by the gesture.
Please keep in mind, I've never even met Karin in person, but have long been in touch with her via e-mails since discovering her fabulous work and becoming a collector.

Once she read my blog and saw that my dog, Abbey, who was recently diagnosed as terminally ill, suffered a stroke a little over a week ago, and is now nearing the end of her 14 years, she actually painted a portrait of her.


I am touched beyond belief and wanted to share it with you all.
It's people like Karin who make this world a better place, with both her work and her compassion.

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Karin Jurick said...

I promise you - painting Abbey filled me with good, warm feelings.
i know what your days and nights have been lately and to know i helped in some small way, i am humbled and happy to do it.

peace to all.


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.