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Fun New Finds From David Weeks

For those of you who miss Butter NY (I know I do) it's good to know that David Weeks Studio is still going strong. An extremely talented designer best known for his interiors and lighting in retail, restaurant and retail applications, he has come out with a few new super fun products for 2007.

Above: David Weeks in his Brooklyn studio

David Weeks does it again. And again.
First fun new release, coming next month (April) are these 3 fun and funky silicone resin Gorilla ashtrays!
Now with a Robot theme and a Skull theme as well.

Spring 07A new edition of the Gorilla ashtray will be in stores starting in April.
Produced by Areaware, the silicone ashtrays will be offered in three versions, to suit the domestic requirements of goths, geeks, and primate lovers.

Above: Close-up of one of David Weeks' new silicone ashtrays, the Robzilla

above: The Skullrilla ashtray

Now in pink

In addition to those, he has designed these three new votives for Kikkerland (see below):

Where can you get them?
the candles will be available for sale at the gift shop of the Santa Monica Museum of Art in May.

And, as a dog lover, I couldn't very well forget to introduce you to Shiner Stout-Weeks, David's hound labrador mix:

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