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Let Me Float This By You: Structures On Water

Okay, so the world is running out of room. Where to put the next wave of luxury hotels and offices? Why not afloat in the middle of our vast oceans?

Seems that the visionaries at Oceanic Creations already has this under development.

Temporarily named The Maya, this floating hotel is being built in Bulgaria and will be towed to Cancun. See the computer renderings below.

Above: The Maya Hotel as envisioned by OCCT

Above: The Maya Hotel at night

The following text is from their site:
"OCCT, Oceanic-Creations Composite Technology, is a State-of-the-Art Construction Technology exclusively developed for the Swedish Royal Navy by the best engineers and scientists available.

The Oceanic-Creations Composite Technology represents a new generation of technological evolution, as well as exciting new ways to apply well-proven construction technologies. Since it was originally developed for military use it has been tested for reliability, strength and safety far beyond what is required in the civilian market.

The products offered by Oceanic-Creations are constructed with a virtually non-ageing, environmentally neutral and inert Composite Material and therefore requires almost negligible maintenance.

Above: Floating Offices; the future as seen by OCCT

OCCT offers a considerable lower LCC (Life Cycle Cost) compared to traditional and old expensive constructions in steel and concrete.

Oceanic-Creations was formed in 1986 with the strive to secure the rights to use the revolutionary composite technology that now forms the base for the company.

Oceanic-Creations AB consists of business concept developers and likes to emphasize the fact that the company is a small size company with astonishing views, competence and integrity.

Above: Chairman of the board of OCCT, Prof. Christer Karlsson

The business profile of Oceanic-Creations reflects the ambition to maintain the efficiency of a small-scale organisation combined with the strength of a competent flexible international organisation, build network and international contacts.

Oceanic-Creations have striking visions and projects with large potentials, projects that lay a stable foundation for a long-term steady growth.

The activities are predominantly in the marine field but not only floating objects. The concepts and the business structures created by Oceanic-Creations are based on either unique knowledge, materials, innovations or a combination of one or more thereof.

Oceanic-Creations composite material is made of inert material and works in harmony with nature and will through Oceanic-Creations products through its technology will help protect people, properties and ecological values."

Wow, seems the future is here. (or maybe not. Since this post, the original Oceanic Creations has filed for bankruptcy).

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