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Product Pick Of The Week:The Erosion Sink by Gore Design Co.

Gore Design Company's Erosion Sink combines the best of nature, design and functionality. And clearly, I am not the only one who thinks so. Recipient of positive press and even awards, this sink is a winner for both your home and the environment.

+ Gore Design Co. was awarded the Organic Design Award, presented by organicarchitect in recognition of their Erosion Sink which “embodies the organic spirit by being both innovative and environmentally friendly”.

+ The Signature Erosion Sink is featured in the February 2007 edition of Dwell Magazine on page 50 in the “In the Modern World” section.

Gore Design Co. was founded in early 2004 by Brandon Gore as an answer to the lack of eco-friendly countertop options in the residential and commercial market. From the very beginning, the focus was to create an environmentally responsible alternative to other products, such as granite and Corian, while simultaneously demonstrating environmental leadership. No small feat.

Holding true to these core beliefs, Gore Design Co. continues to be the leader in eco-friendly concrete design and creation. From utilizing industrial byproducts such as fly-ash, to incorporating reclaimed materials, using heavy metal free pigments and voc-free sealers, Gore Design Co. continues to set the bench mark of sustainable design excellence.

We are proud of our eco-friendly concrete products. We call our proprietary concrete blend of high quality ingredients and recycled aggregates “Recycrete™”.Our eco-friendly concrete products include exceptional concrete countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds and hearths, kitchen islands, furniture and art. In the area of metal fabrication we can create unique gates, artistic doors, and exquisite furniture and art. Our environmentally responsible custom cabinetry is composed of “green” materials, such as Plyboo and formaldehyde-free products. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans in our Tempe studio.

For more information on this fabulous sink and other Gore Design products, click here.

UPDATE: See how the Erosion Sink has evolved and some of the amazing new products from Gore Design here.

Gore Design Co., LLC
2111 S. Industrial Park Ave., Suite 115
Tempe, Arizona 85282

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