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Meet Mr. Acrylic: Aaron R. Thomas

Above: Mr. A.R.T. himself

Aaron R. Thomas (ART) reinterprets some modern classics as well as designing and inventing his own, all in acrylic (As a matter of fact, he is sponsored by Plexiglas®).

Last year he was chosen as the lead designer to oversee the development of the Wasser Klar acrylic furniture line.

In addition to much whimsical design, he does make some high end gaming tables, beautiful lamps and more. Below are some images of his inventive and original furniture:

Above: gaming table

Some are frosted, some are hand painted.

All are fun.

above: The Lane Table made with a maple wood bowling lane top.

And all can be cleaned with a sponge.

I particularly like the acrylic eames LCW (pictured above).

above: The DJ table he created for the Golden Globes, complete with Louis Vuitton Trunk!

In addition to creating furniture, Aaron also creates sculptures from acrylic as well as custom displays for things like auto shows.

Below is an example of one of his fun sculptures titled "Freeze":

The following is reprinted from his site:
Aaron R. Thomas (A R T™) loves acrylic.

Aaron has an uncommonly intuitive way with acrylic, surely due, in part, to his lifelong exposure to the material. His Parents' acrylic workshop was his playground and he entertained himself learning to use the tools to manipulate the transparent plastic by watching his craftsman father at work. Aaron loved to turn secretly salvaged scraps into an efficient and appealing object that would bring beauty, joy, and vivacity into the world.

Aaron's philosophies of ART and Life stem from these formative experiences of the capacity for creation and invention to instantly change the world for the better.
Eliminating loveless design became his crusade.

Aaron's infectious passion and talent have enlisted a broad network of support and admiration across an intriguing variety of industries.

Aaron R. Thomas Design enjoys the exclusive sponsorship of Plexiglas®

Aaron creates custom unique pieces for top architects and designers worldwide.

Aaron's work is displayed in museums and exclusive private collections worldwide.

Aaron R. Thomas Website - Art in Acrylic

You can also see some of his other custom work and get information at another site of his:

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