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Lowbrow Art Lunchboxes By Baseman, Coop, Shag, Vissell and More

In the fall of 2005 La-La Land Gallery in Los Angeles held a custom lunch box exhibit featuring over 30 artists including those shown below created by Gary Baseman, Shag, Joe Ledbetter, Greg Simkins, Coop, Amanda Vissell and more.

Visitors to the gallery's website,, voted on their favorite design from the exhibit. Dark Horse is proud to offer the top designs from the Hot Lunch exhibit as the newest additions to their current lunch box line.

And they are only $14.99. So, despite my mentioning in an earlier post that lowbrow art may not be the smartest investment, surely $15 bucks is!

Just look at some below :

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.