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Goodbye Fanny Pack, Hello Koffski! The Hip New Man Bag

Call it the Man Bag for the New Millenium, or the long overdue replacement for that famous fashion faux pas; the fannypack.

But finally there's something for men to wear on their belt that isn't an eyesore and will hold everything from their keys and wallet to their cellphone:

The Koffski is available in both full size as well as a junior version. Also available are shoulder straps or belts with it.

It offers customized design in a thoroughly practical form and is extremely comfortable to wear. This bag for men (we know, an odd thought) is reminiscent of a gun holster and has room for a wallet, your mobile, a bunch of keys, your Montblanc pen, enough documents to have you travel once around the globe and plenty of credit cards to pay for your Martinis (shaken, obviously...).

The junior version of the Koffski is assembled in a traditional leather manufacture in Solingen (famous for the knives usually...) using leather from the heart of Tuscany, a little village called Santa Croce sull'Arno, in between Florence and Pisa. The leather is left in a much less refined state and has a less dense surface, prone to aging in a different way than yesterdays version, more like traditional saddle bags. The metal parts are exposed to a spezial galvanization process, resulting in a matt appearance, resembling old silver...

This version isn't numbered, but has a branded logotype, that reminds you of the manufacturing process. It's available for purchase here.

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