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Bracelets That Blab. Words Worn On Your Wrist.

Bangle Bracelets that have something to say, literally and figuratively - seem to be all the rage this spring.

Selling out at lightning speed ever since a mention in the New York Times, are Jessica Kagan Cushman's carved resin bracelets, a more affordable (and more politically correct) version of her Ice Age Mammoth Ivory Tusk Carved Bracelets. See below:

Above: Jessica Kagan Cushman's Bangles for $125 each. Available from Ravinstyle

Above: Not to be outdone, is designer powerhouse Chanel with their resin carved bangles spouting phrases and words about design, style and luxury.

Another, less pricey option at 39$ are Janna Conner's decoupage bangles, also available at Ravinstyle

Always witty and graphic, is the fabulousSonia Rykiel and her ivory and black resin bangels. $150.00 a piece. Available at Sonia Rykiel, NYC and Boston.

So, arm yourself this spring with the fashion accessory that does the talking for you.

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