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New LEGO Architecture Series By Adam Reed Tucker

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The LEGO© Group
and Brickstructures™, Inc. have just unveiled a new product line called LEGO Architecture, an unprecedented collaboration between The LEGO Group and Architectural Artist Adam Reed Tucker of Brickstructures, Inc.

Initially, in 2008 LEGO Architecture featured a pair of Chicago's most famous landmarks: The Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center. Showcasing America's West and East coasts in 2009 will be Seattle's Space Needle & New York's Empire State Building.

Also, just added is the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, thus far consisting of two of his most famous buildings; Fallingwater and the Solomon H. Guggenheim Museum.

As an Architectural Artist my desire is to capture the essence of a particular landmark into its pure sculptural form. I first and foremost do not view my models as literal replicas, but rather my own artistic interpretations that harness the landmarks overall appeal. Beyond its identity as a toy, The LEGO Brick is not initially thought of as a material typically used in creating art or used as an artist's medium. It is the pure sculptural form that I have translated from reality using The LEGO Brick.-- Adam Tucker

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection:




The Landmarks:
John Hancock Tower

Empire State Building

Seattle Space Needle

Sears Tower

Each Building Set Includes: Specially printed Landmark name plate. Inspiration Booklet containing: Skyscraper Facts, Architectural Significance, Points of Interest. Model Instructions and Artist Statement.

Where To Buy Them:
Lego has not yet put them up for sale, but you can buy each landmark separately or as a set of four and the 2 Frank Lloyd Wright building sets online here.

My autographed set arrived! Here's some photos of it for you.

Buy these from Adam Reed Tucker here.

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