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Teo Jasmin's Digitally Printed Furnishings Combine Artful Images With Classic Styles.

It was time to do an update on the creative digitally printed products by Teo Jasmin. Since the last time I shared her designs with you in Téo Jasmin's Fun Photo Furnishings, she has added more new imagery and several new products to her line of home decor and handbags.

Here are some of her more recent wonderful chairs, armchairs and settees which incorporate graffiti art, urban photography and hand-tinted vintage photography. She also has cushions, make up bags, handbags and stretched canvases in her online store.

To shop for these, as well as many other home and fashion items with these images and more, check out her online store here.

FieldCandy. Tents Cool Enough To Get Anyone - Even Me - To Consider Sleeping Outdoors.

While it's not quite glamping, FieldCandy tents certainly up the hip quotient to sleeping in the great outdoors. Perfect for Music Festivals, traditional camping and even for a night in the backyard, FieldCandy tents are made in the UK, high performance, hardy expedition tents with classic ‘A’ frame storm tent construction and digitally printed flysheets (or covers).

The digitally printed flysheets are what make these tents stand out from any other. Limited editions by contemporary artists, photographic images of food, textures and trompe l'oeil, and everything from clever to edgy to cute.

With tons of options (over 50!) to choose from, all the FieldCandy tents are made of 100% polyester and are waterproof to a minimum of 3m hydrostatic head. Fire retardant to EU & US standard, they are also flex and tear tested, highly UV fade resistant, treated with Ultra-Fresh and coated with fluorocarbon (Teflon) for ultimate strength and durability.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Inner Tent
FieldCandy's inner tent is 100% natural cotton, that's breathable - result a dry and comfortable nights sleep:

What's in the box:

Product Features:

Heavy Duty Zip
We only use zips from the worlds leading zipper manufacturer YKK, your flysheet will feature a particularly heavy duty YKK zip with large inner and outer toggle protected by a Velcro zip cover.

Pegging points
FieldCandy tents have extra pegging strong elastic and adjustable pegging points for security and stability, designed to prevent roof dipping and groundsheet rucking, with storm guy lines for extra protection in bad weather.

Extra strong pegs
Completely different from old fashioned tent pegs, FieldCandy pegs are a new design from hardened aluminum, extra strong, designed not to bend with a handy little hole for your custom peg puller.

Every FieldCandy tent comes with spare tent pegs, so don’t worry if there are pegs left over, even when all the pegging points are full. A hammer comes as standard that saves hurting your foot pushing the pegs in.

Easy set up poles
High quality, high strength, low weight precision engineered Aluminum Alloy poles in silver.

You will be amazed how quick and easy it is to set up the tent poles. Hold each pole at one end, give a little 'wiggle' and they slot together all by themselves. Very clever. They are environmentally friendlier, stronger and lighter than standard poles.

Breathable Cotton Inner Tent
When you breath you create moisture, most modern day tents are made from plastic so there is nowhere for that moisture to go - result misery. FieldCandy's inner tent is 100% natural cotton, that's breathable - result a dry and comfortable nights sleep.

Sewing & Sealing
FieldCandy inner tents are sewn with cotton and the flysheets with treated polyester, both through flat felled seams, which are then seam sealed for maximum performance.

Spacious sleeping area
Larger than other two person tents, the light grey interior creates a sleep-inducing environment for a more comfortable night. With a mesh window for ventilation and increased light, along with a lantern hanging point for those dark cosy evenings.

Safe as well, your inner tent is fire retardant to EU and US standard CPAI-84, but please always make sure that all cooking, fire lighting, smoking etc. takes place a safe distance away.

Lockable storage pockets
No tent can be 100% secure, but most thefts are opportunist - so reduce the risk with your valuables by locking them away in the four pockets that lock with the combination padlocks provided.

There’s masses of other handy storage places, four see-through storage pockets and two mobile phone / MP3 pockets, for all those important bits and pieces.

Sizes & Weight
Outer dimensions: 3.55m (L) x 1.7m (W) x 1.4m (H) or 11'8" (L) x 5'7" (W) x 4'7" (H)
Inner dimensions: 2.65m (L) x 1.5m (W) x 1.3m (H) or 8'8" (L) x 4'11" (W) x 4'3" (H)
Carry bag: 0.6m (L) x 0.2m (W) x 0.25 (H) or 1'11" (L) x 8" (W) x 8" (H)
Weight including accessories: 7.4Kg / 16.3lb
Weight complete tent only: 6.3kg / 13.9lb

Although very easy to pitch, FieldCandy tents are supplied with practically indestructible, waterproof instructions just in case!

Owners Manual
Wherever you pitch your FieldCandy tent, expect questions. Your Owners Manual contains many of the answers. It also, of course, tells you how to use and care for your tent.

FieldCandy certifies that your tent is authentic and one of a limited edition of an exclusive design manufactured and sold in accordance with our policies and standards. This certificate is issued after your tent has passed all quality checks and immediately before it is packed for shipping. It is genuine only if it displays the authorised stamp of Outstanding Tents Limited.

FieldCandy is the Registered Trade Mark ® of Outstanding Tents Ltd, based in Jersey, our design office is in the mountains of Italy, and our products are printed, manufactured, assembled and distributed worldwide from ENGLAND.

See and shop all the FieldCandy tents here

all images courtesy of FieldCandy

Oh Yeah, For $950 I Can Sit On Ryan Gosling's Face!
Or Any One Of These 11 Sexy Celebs.

Celebrity Photographer and designer Jennifer Graylock offers limited edition Art Chairs of Mid-century design with seat covers featuring her exclusive photographs of eleven sexy famous personalities.

The bentwood inspired chairs are signed and numbered and for sale at $950 each.

Sit On My Face Ryan Gosling (or as I affectionately call him, "The Gos"):

Sit On My Face George Clooney:

Sit On My Face Sofia Vergara:

Sit On My Face Ryan Reynolds:

Sit On My Face Angelina Jolie:

Sit On My Face Brad Pitt:

Sit On My Face Jennifer Lopez:

Sit On My Face Katie Holmes:

Sit On My Face Barack Obama:

Sit On My Face Anna Wintour:

Sit on My Face Lady Gaga:

About the designer and photographer:
JENNIFER GRAYLOCK: Art, Celebrity, Fashion Photographer and Creator of

Renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Jennifer Graylock has had her work featured in most well known fashion and entertainment magazines; and shot campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. And now, the highly sought-after photographer is now combining her fashion, celebrity and fine arts background to create the first installment of her Face Chairs Art Series Collection. These iconic chairs are Graylock’s humorous intent to give fans, and non-fans alike, a chance to have their very own celebrity moment.

The “Face Chairs” Art Series Collection will features Jennifer Graylock’s most acclaimed celebrity and fashion icon photo picks. Each chair is then paired with a mid century-inspired bentwood chair, carefully restored, and emblazoned with exclusive photos from Graylock’s topical collection.

“In creating this limited edition, signed, art statements, I select and carefully restore visually interesting vintage and modern designer chairs in a variety of shapes and pair them with celebrity images from my collection shot at pivotal moments in each figure's life,” said Graylock.

“Face Chairs” is a true expression of Graylock’s art that combines her world-class photography and love of furniture design and restoration. Her roots in furniture design extend back to helping her grandfather restore and craft furniture when she was a young child. The collection takes a creative laugh with each celebrity to become part of his or her fans home.

Graylock unveiled her first iconic pieces at RAPT art&design in Naples, Florida, where she featured Oscar winner Angelina Jolie’s now notorious “leg pose” and Oscar nominee George Clooney immediately after learning of his Oscar nomination, creating international buzz from fans and non-fans alike as well as the celebrities she’s captured.

Buy them here

Jennifer will also create Custom chairs for you featuring photos of any member of your family, friend or pet. To order yours today, call: 917-803-8619 or email:

all images courtesy of Jennifer Graylock

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.