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The Street Art Easter Eggs That Would be Perfect For Banksy. Or Any Graffiti Fan.

So, what would be the perfect Easter Egg for Banksy? Definitely one of the Edible Easter Eggs from this collection of Street Art Easter chocolates from Paris-based Jadis et Gourmande.

above: the window display for the Street Art Easter Egg collection at Jadis et Gourmande.

Delicious dark and milk chocolate creations filled with fruits, bon bons, pralines and more take on an urban edge complete with headphones, and spray paint cans in this clever culinary collection. Tagged brick walls, music CDs, pots filled with paint, Spray Painted Eggs, hip little chicks and bunnies - even a Jimi Hendrix Egg, are all rendered in edible and delicious chocolate.

Most impressive are the milk and dark chocolate egg sculptures, available in four sizes:

Chocolate Bunny and Chick on tagged bricks:

Jimi Hendrix Milk Chocolate Stenciled Easter Egg:

Milk and Dark Chocolate tagged brick eggs filled with chocolates:

Chocolate and Praline Paint Pots Easter Eggs:

Boxed Set of Street Art Eggs:

Edible Chocolate Easter CDs (packaged in CD holders):

Check them out here

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