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Trip Pixel Furniture by Studio Badini Createm for Seletti.

Studio Badini Createam and Selab teamed up for this collection of three pieces, an armoire (or wardrobe), a two drawer and a three drawer chest from Seletti. The classic furniture pieces are decorated by hand with a pixelated image of a woman's face, melding the traditional with the modern.

The Trip Wardrobe
dimensions: 40.9" x 22.8" x 82.7" (104cm x 58cm x 201cm), Price: €1,780.00

The Trip 2 Drawer Chest
dimensions: 39.8" x 15.4" x 29.9" (101cm x 39cm x 76cm), Price: €915.00

The Trip 3 Drawer Chest
dimensions 39.4" x 18.9" x 33" (100cm x 48cm x 84cm), Price: €1,130.00

Available in approximately 2 to 3weeks, the items can be purchased here and can be delivered worldwide.

The Trip Pixel Collection at Seletti

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