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A $16.3 Million Solid Gold Bassinet and Luxury Cribs For The Insanely Indulged Infant.

Dear Celine Dion... just kidding. But clearly I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd because I don't know many -if any- parents who can spoil their kids with products like these. Baby furniture and accessories company Suommo, who I first introduced you to in 2010 with their modern white baby furnishings, is now touting themselves as 'luxury for baby' with fewer products, but far fancier ones- all designed by Ximo Talamantes.

With editions of their Dodo Bassinet, La Perla Crib and Bela Luxury Cot (another crib) now clad in the original white, plus versions in black, silver, yellow gold and limited rose gold editions, the company has re-branded themselves as the ultimate purveyor of exclusive luxury items for infants.

gold plated baby furniture hero IIHIH

They have launched a line they call "Art Furniture" which includes the most outrageous of the bunch - a $16,320,000.00 bassinet made of SOLID 24k Yellow Gold. Also included in the collection are Limited Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and White editions of the Dodo Bassinet and the La Perla Crib and a Gold Edition of the Bela Luxury Cot, all shown with prices below.

The Solid 24k Gold Dodo Bassinet:
Suommo-Dodo-solid-gold no price IIHIH

• Bedding featuring their "Golden Line" which includes protector, pillow, mattress, mattress sheet, base sheet and comforter.
• An Insignia of Diamond & Pure Gold
• A Golden Line Changing Mat
• Delivery of the product completely assembled.
Length: 96 cm – Height: 114 cm – Width: 66 cm
Price: $16,320,000

The Dodo Bassinets
Dodo bassinets with designer IIHIH
Also available for the cheapskates is the Dodo Bassinet in a Limited 18k Rose Gold Plated Edition for $299,200.00:
Suommo-Dodo-Gold-Rose-limited-edition IIHIH
an 18k Yellow Gold Plated Edition for $51,680.00:
Suommo-Dodo-gold-edition1 IIHIHImagen 11387
a Silver edition for $19,040.00:
Imagen 11387
a Black edition for $21,760.00:
Imagen 11387
or the original white edition for $16,320.00.
Imagen 11387
The La Perla Crib
In a Limited 18k Rose Gold Plated Edition for $353,600.00:
Imagen 11387
or an 18k Yellow Gold Plated edition for $81,600.00:
Imagen 11387
And yes, this is also available in Silver, Black or White editions.

The Bela Luxury Cot
The Bela Luxury Cot is only available in the 18k Plated Gold Edition and will run you $57,120.00:
Bela Cot In Gold1 IIHIH
Bela Cot In Gold2 IIHIH

And don't forget the pacifier, the Dodo Dummy – Diamond and Solid 18k Gold edition for $40,800.00:
Dodo-Dummy-diamons gold pacifier IIHIH

On their site they share the following philosophy:
The craftsmanship of the future
Times change. Technologies evolve. Needs are different. However, regardless of how complex and changing the world may turn to be, nothing has ever overcome the beauty we get through craftsmanship. Hands are still the best tool to express passion for what we do. These expert hands know which out of the finest materials may meet our customer’s requirements. Our customer’s dreams. These expert hands know how to convey the emotion we feel when we design a new piece.

In Suommo, craftsmanship and design converge to reach perfect beauty. Craftsmanship reminds us that it is only with patience, hours of dedication and absolute concern for details that excellence may arise. Exclusivity and distinction, two of our most reputed characteristics over the years, come through design. By putting them together, we have witnessed the dawn of the craftsmanship of the future. A new, exclusive, timeless art, created for those who see life as what it is: something extraordinary.
suommo logo

If your child is born with a solid gold spoon in their mouth, as opposed to a silver one, this is the place for you. You can purchase the above items at their online store by clicking on the link below.

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