Star Wars X Nestle Coffee Machines Complete With Light Saber Stirrers and Mugs.

The Official Star Wars branded versions of products released in Japan just keep coming. After a line of eyewear and watches, now we move to the kitchen with tabletop coffee makers. Nestle Japan has collaborated with Lucas Films to release two Star Wars models of their Gold Blend Barista Machines. The limited edition tabletop coffeemakers come in two styles, each complete with light up light saber stirrer and porcelain coffee mug with icon.

The Dark Side:
The Dark Side/Empire model (limited to 3000 units) comes with two side panels, one that with the Star Wars logotype and the other featuring Darth Vader with the words "The Dark Side Is Strong With This One." A coffee mug with the symbol of the empire and a red functioning light saber as a coffee stirrer comes with the set:

The Light Side:
The Light/Alliance Model (Limited to 2,000 units) comes with two side panels- one with R2D2 and the Star Wars logotype, the other with C3PO and says "Thank The Maker." A coffee mug with the symbol of the Alliance and a blue functioning light saber as a coffee stirrer comes with the set:

Both CNET and Gizmodo knocked the items as silly Star Wars collaborative products not worthy of the official George Lucas 'stamp' but they also didn't show both side panels or even mention the light saber stirrers which are, frankly, awesome.

Each set costs ¥9,800.
They can be purchased online here.
Or some Japanese sellers already have them on ebay.

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