Impressive Co-Branding For The Karl Lagerfeld X Shu Uemura Holiday Collection. From The Videos to The Packaging.

Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld and Japanese global beauty giant Shu Uemura collaborated on this special Holiday 2012 make-up collection and pulled out all the stops when it came to marketing and branding. The effort is a great example of the importance of consistency in brand imagery, the utilization of social media channels and online influencers as well as various mediums such as videos, print, digital, packaging, etc. Watch and learn.

Initially announced in June of this year, the much anticipated collection has been preceded by numerous press events, articles and blog posts by most every beauty blogger and journalist in the business.

above: Karl Lagerfeld discussing and designing the collection for Shu Uemura

The launch utilized various mediums including a fabulous Saul Bass-inspired teaser video, guerilla marketing in the streets of Paris, a strong social media presence, special events and the design of a sweet little Manga-style Mascot named Mon Shu dressed in Lagerfeld's signature high-collared white shirt and black tie who consistently appears everywhere.

above: Conceived of and drawn by Karl Lagerfeld, she takes a cue from Japanese schoolgirls, whose uniforms Lagerfeld finds impeccable. “They dress a little like me, even if this is more exaggerated,” said the designer.

The Brand Mascot:

In addition to being the star of the videos, Mon Shu appeared during press events as everything from an oversized balloon to small plush dolls and decals that could be applied to fingernails.  She graces all the packaging and even appeared on helium balloons and bags as a form of guerilla marketing:

The Teaser (Birth of Mon Shu) Video:

You can view more wonderful animated videos of Mon Shu as she travels around the world on She Uemera's YouTube channel.

Designing the Collection:
The Paris-based Lagerfeld was in charge of the collection's color selection and the adorable packaging of the nail polishes, false lashes, lipsticks, eye shadows, make-up brushes and more.

The Making Of The Collection video:

The Products and Packaging:

Even the photographs for the accompanying campaign were shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

Social Media Marketing:
In terms of social media marketing, they have been consistent about branding the collection with a YouTube channel that features multiple videos, a presence, giveaways, drawing contests and more have taken place on the Shu Uemera facebook page, and they have a branded twitter page - and many a related tweet.

The Shu Uemura homepage has an interactive section dedicated to the collection as well.

The press release:
She Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld are proud to announce an exceptional collaboration for the holiday collection 2012 under the name of Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura.

This unique moment of creation has roots in more than 20 years of relationship and mutual admiration between two of the most renowned talents from the worlds of fashion and beauty. With his artful hands and revolutionary vision Mr. Shu Uemura transformed the image of women through make-up, passionately elevating beauty into a true work of art. Karl Lagerfeld’s illustrious career as a master of fashion design, photography and publishing has presented a worldview so unique he has become one of the most influential creators of his time. Both have propelled their crafts into the future with their untiring quests for innovation and beauty.

“I design with shu uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.” – Karl Lagerfeld

For two decades Karl Lagerfeld has been using shu uemura eye shadows to illustrate his fashion sketches. Now he merges his world with shu uemura’s to create an entire collection in homage to the brand-the color selection and packaging is entirely designed by Karl Lagerfeld who also photographed the visual campaign.

For this holiday collection, the master of beauty and the master of fashion converge, their talent and passion for beauty evoking miracles for the holiday season.

To be launched in November 2012 in the following countries: ASIA: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam / NORTH AMERICA: United States, Canada / EUROPE: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland / OCEANIA: Australia. Please contact regional shu uemura PR offices for further information.


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