Pets Rock. Takkoda's Cast of Characters and New Calendars for 2013.

The word "Takkoda" is derived from the Sioux word meaning ‘friend to all’. The company with the same name was created because of their love of animals and because they see pets as big personalities.

Takkoda is all about funny images of our favorite friends. They photograph real pets in their homes and capture their natural expressions in their natural state! Later they develop their characters by dressing them up digitally to bring out their iconic personalities. They don't dress them up for real silly!

For 2013, they've got both a PETS ROCK wall calendar and desk calendar available:

The 2013 PETS ROCK Wall Calendar:

The 2013 PETS ROCK Desk Calendar:

Here's their entire cast of characters, available on mugs, coasters, cards, homewares, clothing and more:

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