Limited Edition Swarovski Embellished Bond No. 9 Fragrances

Perfume and fragrances always make nice gifts. These limited edition versions of some of the best-selling scents from Bond No. 9 make great gifts. With a price range spanning $350 to $7500, the following limited edition Bond No 9 bottled scents are embellished with Swarovski crystals and elements that will make anyone's eyes sparkle.

New York Musk Emerald Swarovski Shooting Star

For all those collectors and connoisseurs who fell in love with last year’s exquisite, richly textured clear-diamond superstar bottle studded with crystals, the good news is: we’ve done it again—only this time with a network of emerald stars. The scent? Our brand new New York Musk. Consider this bottle just the second in our growing Shooting Stars series
Notes of: grapefruit, black currant, osmanthus flower, green lilies, nutmeg, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver
100ml — $1,000.00

The Fantasy-Stone Fountain of Peace

This year’s official, unabashed extravaganza gift is our now-perennial 42-ounce spigoted amphora vitrine, filled with the Scent of Peace, its gracefully curvaceous exterior glistening everywhere with a new Swarovski crystal design: a profusion of stones in varying sizes and shapes, carefully pieced together onto a surface as intricate and tactile as an incandescent moon-glow tapestry. True, perfume containers have always had an element of fantasy. But this one is ultimo in every way.
42oz — $7,500.00

The Swarovski Crystallized Amphora

Their outsized 42 oz amphora vitrine, breathtakingly covered with 16,500 hand-applied platinum Swarovski stones. Not to forget the bottle top—an elliptical mirror with honeycomb base. And while they were at it, they added the Bond No. 9 signature and a handy golden spigot. Contents? Your choice among our Bond No. 9 eau de parfum (exclusions apply). This bedazzlement comes in a white patent leather gift case, also adorned with crystals
— $3,500.00

The Scent of Peace Incandescent Shooting Super Star

The Scent of Peace is likewise the eau de parfum chosen for the classic Bond No. 9 superstar bottle that’s been decked out all over with those Swarovski fanci-crystals—the moonlit exterior emphasizing the preciousness of the contents. Even the oval cap and the keepsake silver-toned presentation box are studded with stones.
Notes: Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, musk
100ml — $1,000.00

Central Park West Limited Edition with Swarovksi

For gardenia devotees with a sense of fashion elegance, this is the ultimate gift of gifts: A 100 ml. limited-edition bottle of Central Park West whose houndstooth surface has been rendered with 2,500 sparkling Swarovski gems, its edges bordered in vivid lime green, its cap encircled with tiny stones.
580 — $580.00

Nuits de Noho Chandelier

This downtown beauty goes out A LOT. So they’ve given it a wardrobe change. A lacquer-smooth, basic-black-for-the holiday’s bottle, accented with Bond No. 9‘s new chandelier treatment: See through prism necklace and matching jaunty cap
Notes: Jasmin, creamy vanilla, sheer patchouli
100ml — $380.00

Astor Place Swarovski Limited-Edition

Our Mesmerizing New Eau de Parfum, Inspired by New York’s Most Vibrant Arts-and-Style Intersection.
Notes: Violet Leaf, Mandarin Zest, Freesia, Red poppy buds, Orris (iris root), teakwood, Musk and Amber
100ml — $300.00

The Swarovski All-Stars

They’ve gone overboard and embellished three more of their most coveted scents with the tiniest and most reflective of all the Swarovski stones—five thousand of them per 50ml bottle. The pearlized milk glass Eau de New York bottle (citruses-cyclamen-jasmine-vetiver) is studded with diamond-colored aurora borealis stones. Chelsea Flowers (peonies-magnolia-rose) is decked with emerald-colored stones. Chinatown (peach-gardenia-tuberose-sandalwood) features ruby-colored stones.
Eau de New York - 50ml — $650.00
Chelsea Flowers - 50ml — $650.00
Chinatown - 50ml — $650.00

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