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The Three Most Modern Nativity Sets You've Ever Seen.

For the past few years I have been compiling my shopping picks for modern Christmas Decor (including Nativity Sets) on This

This is the most modern I have ever found, with the nativity scene set by Oliver Fabel's coming in at a close second, followed by one from Little Sapling Toys.

1. COLOUR NATIVITY by Sebastian Bergne

Continuing his research into the meaning and use of colour in objects, Sebastian Bergne has designed a contemporary nativity set. Each of the characters is a minimal wooden block that is recognizable by it's colour, proportion and place in the composition. The project makes use of our learned experience from exposure to thousands of images, toys and Christmas cards over the years.

The hand crafted and painted beech wooden blocks are stored in a box that completes its character as a toy set with a difference.

Following the original edition of 6, this second edition of 250 sets are currently available only through and cost £85.00

If you would like your order delivered outside Europe, please contact them here

About the designer:

above photo Photo by Aurélie Berry

Sebastian established his studio after graduating from The Royal College of Art in 1990 designing objects and furniture. Bergne has collaborated for over 20 years with leading manufacturers including Authentics, De Beers, Driade, Gaia & Gino, Moulinex, MUJI, Procter & Gamble, Swarovski, Tefal and Vitra.

Sebastian’s achievements have been widely recognised with international design awards, frequent publication, exhibitions and inclusion in permanent collections such as The Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Design Museum (London). He shares his knowledge and experience through guest speaking, lecturing and jury participation.


Printed in English on one side and German on the other, this 11 piece set by Berlin designer  Oliver Fabel, can be purchased at DaWandaThe Bauhaus Shop or  buy it here.

3. MODERN NATIVITY SET by Little Sapling Toys

Designed as a children's educational toy by Little Sapling Toys, engraved wooden blocks of Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, wise men, camel, shepherds, sheep, donkey, ox, star and angel make up this sturdy 11 piece set. Quality hardwoods Maple, Cherry and Walnut, are sanded smooth and rubbed with our own beeswax and jojoba oil finish.

This wooden set arrives ready to give in a cotton drawstring carrying pouch with a tag that includes information about their family business and care instructions. And each purchase helps them plant a tree through Trees for the Future!

Buy it here

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