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Let The Fun Go To Your Head This Halloween. 8 Big Wigs For Target by Chris March.

This Halloween, Target is teaming up with fashion and costume designer, and former “Project Runway” contestant Chris March to create an exclusive line of larger-than-life Halloween wigs.

above: Former project Runway contestant and costume designer Chris March

The limited-time collection features over-the-top foam wigs, each priced at $20 or less, that will help Target guests create the perfect Halloween look. Inspired by his experience as a costume designer, March designed eight show-stopping styles: Geisha, Greaser, Starlet, Witch, Medusa, Monster Bride, Mohawk and Afro.

“I’ve been designing costumes and wigs for more than 20 years and my new collection with Target is so beyond my wildest dreams we couldn't call it anything but ‘Big Fun,’” said Chris March. “The wigs are inspired by fun and iconic characters and will help everyone create unforgettable Halloween costumes.”

“Halloween is a time for guests to have fun and dress up and Chris is the perfect partner to bring these over-the-top designs to life through the ‘Big Fun’ collection,” said Stacia Andersen, senior vice president, merchandising, Target.

Available starting Sept. 15 in U.S. and Canada Target stores, and online at Target, the playful collection serves as the centerpiece of Target’s Halloween product assortment.

Spend $50, Get Free Shipping on Select Halloween Costumes at Target (Valid 8/25-10/31)

Dressing Up Dogs For Halloween Is Mean. And Here's A Really Good One For Only $14.

I'm really not a fan of putting dogs in clothes - ever. I think it demeans the dog AND the owner and both end up looking ridock. That said, Halloween is one of the few times I can stomach canines in costume. And for my own little monster, headgear only.

above: Last year I made my own dog, Indie, wear devil horns and now there's a special place in hell for me.

So, you can imagine my joy at finding this little beauty. For only $14, here's a slightly respectable way to turn your four-legged furry companion- of any size-  into a an extinct reptile for All Hallow's Eve.

* X-small: 8"l; 12-16" chest
* Small: 12"l; 16-20" chest
* Medium: 16"l; 20-24" chest
* Large: 20"l; 24-28" chest

available online only. $14. Shop for it here

Pumpkin Carving Posts, Inspiration & Links For 2010 Halloween

Although I think using a pumpkin carving 'stencil' or 'pattern' is cheating, it's what most people use these days if they want a better-than-ordinary jack-o-lantern sitting on their front porch. Before I share with you links for pumpkin-carving stencils and patterns, I first want to share with you some of my most interesting posts on cool pumpkins from years past.

The Sculpted Pumpkins of Scott Cummins

Pumpkin Carving Grows Even Geekier

The Amazing Pumpkins by Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

One of the more popular this year are the AKC Dog Breed stencils featured on the Better Homes & Garden site. But rather than show you those formal images, the photo outtakes from the shoot are far more fun to look at:

Printable and download-able pumpkin carving stencils and patterns:

Zombie Pumpkins Stencils

Patterns from Pumpkin Lady

Better Homes & Gardens large selection of pumpkin stencils

More free carving stencils and patterns

For you dog lovers, here's a bunch of breed stencils

Now, you have no excuses for a lame pumpkin, Get carving!

The Hippest Halloween Costumes for 2010: Lady Gaga, Snooki, Star Wars, The Dude and More.

NOTE: Because this post is from 2010, the exact links may not work, but most of these Halloween Costumes - and many more are still available here.

Looking for a good adult ready-to-wear costume for this year's All Hallow's Eve? If you're opting for one that plays off popular culture, I've got some great ones for you.

There are a bunch of affordable (and some not so affordable) new costumes that have come out this year for the spooky Halloween holiday. Pop culture comes alive in the form of Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore's Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation, The Dude and Bowling Jesus from The Big Lebowski, Star Trek and of course, Star Wars.

There's no longer an excuse to be one of those people who cobbles together a lame version of a kitty cat or a pirate when costumes like these are available. But, the best costumes sell out quickly, so don't wait too long.

For Lady Gaga's Little Monsters
For both fans and wannabes, these Lady Gaga costumes rock -or should I say 'pop'? -and they are surprisingly affordable, too!

above left: Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress Costume
above right: Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Costume

above left: Lady Gaga 2009 VMA White Performance Costume
above right: Lady Gaga Star Dress Costume

above left: Lady Gaga Telephone American Flag Costume
above right: Lady Gaga Poker Face Blue Swimsuit Costume

Wigs, glasses and Gaga accessories for you Little Monsters are also available:

above left: Lady Gaga Poker Face Glasses and right: Lady Gaga Straight Wig with Bangs

above left: Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig above right: Lady Gaga Straight Wig with Bangs

above left: Lady Gaga Blonde/Yellow Two-Tone Wig above right: Lady Gaga Bow Clip Hair Accessory

Jersey Shore Costumes
Snooki and The Situation Halloween costumes are perfect for the couple who likes to tawlk with a Jersey accent:

above left: Jersey Shore Snooki Black Dress Costume
above right: Jersey Shore The Situation Deluxe Costume

above: Snooki Leopard Print dress, Snooki wig (complete with bump),
Not shown : Pauly D Deluxe Costume,

Big Lebowski Costumes

above: Big Lebowski Dude Bowling Outfit Adult Basic Costume

above: Big Lebowski Dude Sunglasses and Big Lebowski Walter Sunglasses

above: Big Lebowski Jesus Purple Deluxe Adult Costume and Big Lebowski Jesus Bowling Bag

Big Lebowski Jesus Blue Deluxe Adult Costume
Big Lebowski Jesus Bowling Glove
Big Lebowski Jesus Deluxe Wig and Moustache Set

For the Trekkies...
Star Trek Costumes:

above: Star Trek Movie Deluxe Captain Kirk Gold Shirt

above: Star Trek Movie Uniform Grand Heritage Blue Shirt

above: Star Trek Movie Spock Ears and Star Trek Movie Classic Spock Wig with Ears

For your Star Trek costumes, there are tons of wonderful masks, uniforms,replica phasers and tricorders as well as the classic red ensign shirts and more here.

Star Wars Costumes
These are the GOOD Star Wars costumes. No flammable Annakins or plastic boots here. Museum replicas of boots, capes, helmets, working light sabers, belts and more.

Obi Wan:

above: Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Cloak
above: Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Boots
above: Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber

above: Star Wars Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Collector Helmet
not shown: Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jedi Cape

Annakin Skywalker:

above: Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Jedi Cloak
above: Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Jedi Belt with Accessories
above: Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Jedi Boots

And for the serious Sci-Fi costume afficionodos, these amazing replicas run about $899.00 each:

above: Star Wars Stormtrooper Supreme Edition Costume

above: Star Wars Boba Fett Supreme Edition Costume

above: Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Costume

Halloween Costumes like Steampunk, Batman, Harry Potter, Cheech & Chong and tons more hip Halloween costumes can be found here.

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