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The Marcel Wanders Bathroom Collection for Bisazza Combines Modern & Antique.

Marcel Wanders' new collection of bath furnishings for Bisazza was unveiled at this year's CERSAIE. The collection is typical Marcel Wanders, combining modern whimsy with traditional elegance.

The Soapbath collection of wash basins and bathtub are modern rounded ceramic pieces and the New Antiques collection of tables, mirrors and consoles combine modern materials with antique silhouettes. Chandelier shower heads and architectural taps round out the collection.

above: Gallery of Broken Dreams: Rome, Via Condotti (Marcel Wanders 2011)

The Wanders Collection, a new range of bathroom furnishings for 2012.

Soapbath bathtub:

Soapbath Basins:
small washbasin:

large washbasin:

Wall hung washbasin:

small washbasin on dresser:

small washbasin on black New Antique console table:

large washbasin on white New Antique console table:

Resin and wood New Antique wall mirror (white or black):

Wall mounted toilet and bidet:

The large and small Chandelier and wall mounted shower heads:

Architectural tap 1:

Architectural tap 2:

wall-mounted shower taps:

Bidet tap:

In Marcel's own words he describes the concept for the collection as follows:
"The original concept for the collection came from a fantasy I had of taking a bath in a bar of soap. The ultimate clean! This idea I held for a long time, before Bisazza helped me realize it. Bathing, like clothing, is one of the most personal components of daily life. And interior style, like all style, has become a mode to evaluate the anxieties of contemporary society. The haste and fuss of ordinary life is only getting faster and it is getting increasingly difficult to switch off. People are surrounded by other people all day both physically and digitally and so I was looking for a way to offer a sanctuary from the world. I consider bathrooms to be the one space you can be alone so I designed this collection to provide a fresh, beautiful and solitary space where one can focus and take care of themselves." – Marcel Wanders

See the entire collection at Bisazza
images and info courtesy of Marcel Wanders and Bisazza

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