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How About A Green House For Your Dog or Cat? Modern Indoor Kennels / Planters.

The Kokon Kennel and the K-Bannette Kennel are indoor homes for small pets that are modern, ecologically friendly and double as decorative planters for flowers and greens. Created by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier of Pousse Creative, the small pet homes can function as stylish modern hideways for dogs and cats or as litter boxes hidden from view. They come with flower pots or planters in the top and a comfy pillow. A plastic tub can easily be inserted to hold kitty litter.

The Kokon Kennel

This modern home for your small dog or cat can serve as a hideaway with comfy pillow, which comes with the product, or as a litterbox (simply fill a plastic tub with gravel). The back has a door which opens easily to clean the litterbox or interior of the space. A planter is integrated into the top of the kennel so you can cultivate plants and flowers for natural decoration.

Made of roto molded plastic and environmentally friendly (recycled and recyclable), it's available in white or brown. Made in France. Buy it here.

The K-banette Kennel

Sold in an easy to build kits, the K-banette is made of wood, is ecological and respectful of the environment. It comes with four flower pots that fit into the top of the kennel. If you decide to use K-banette as a litter box, simply fill a plastic tub with litter gravel. To easily change and clean the tub of litter, you just have to open the trapdoor in the back for access.

Available in natural wood or white laminate with a taupe front panel. Made in France. Buy it here.

above: Sebastian and Thomas of Pousse Creative

Founded in 2010 by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier, Pousse creative is a company based near Lille in northern France. Thier brand has a desire to create simple and innovative products that enhance the connection between Man and Nature.

Pousse Creative

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