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More Marvelous Monster Skin Rugs!

A few weeks ago I shared with you a wonderful felt monster skin rug by Joshua Ben Longo of Longoland. Now, I've got some furry friends to keep him company created by The Monster Workshop's Stitches and Glue.

Handmade from luxuriously super soft faux fur with a faux suede underneath (making it less hard wearing on surfaces) this rug measures 30" by 40" and the head is delightfully stuffed for a pillow-like effect.

Each rug is carefully hand crafted, with close attention to detail. The facial features are hand painted and treated with a protective seal. Each claw is hand cast with a cushioned paw.

Please Note: these are NOT toys and are NOT suitable for young children (because it would scare the beejezus out of them). $350.00 USD, Buy the Genuine Monster Skin Rug shown above here at The Odd Luminary

More Monster Rug Options

The Large Luxury Monster Rug (only one available):
The Monster Workshop also has this nice large furry monster (a one-off) available for purchase. This luxury long haired faux fur pelt is super soft to the touch and makes an eye opening centerpiece.

A completely handmade one off creation made from the highest grade materials available. He has colour casted cushioned front claws and handcast and painted facial features.

Measures 70"x50" with a faux suede base that won't scratch the floor.

Custom Monster Skin Rugs:
If you'd like to customize your Monster Skin Rug, he is available in a number of colors and styles (some variations are pictured below) directly from Stitches and Glue.

Grey Stripe 1 Monster Skin Rug:

Pink Monster Skin Rug:

Striped Monster Skin Rug:

Shop for the ones above or customize your own at Stitches and Glue.

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