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Oh Lord! Five Fun Items Inspired By Jesus.

Nothing like a few blasphemous products to get people's ire stirred up on a Sunday morning. Here are five functional items inspired by the Savior.

Jesus Wall Clock:

By Studio Mango, this wall clock has a silhouette of 'He who died for your sins' upon a wall mounted cross. His rotating arms function as the hands.

Jesus Salt or Pepper Grinder:

Also designed by Studio Mango, the Holy Moly Spice grinder is available in black here or in hot pink here

Jesus Cookie Cutter:

German designed stainless steel cookie cutter.
Buy it here

Lookin Good For Jesus Mirror Statuette:

He stands 5" tall and has a small oval mirror embedded in his stomach.
buy it here

Jesus Saves Coin Bank:

Designed by Rocket, this statuette will not only save your soul, but your allowance too. Blue JESUS SAVES Money Bank Christ Savings Coin

And they make great stocking stuffers, too.

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