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Impressive Augmented Reality Allows People To Enter The World of National Geographic.

In an impressive display of augmented reality (video further down in this post), people in a shopping mall in Hungary got a chance to pet a cheetah, play with velociraptors, stand within biting distance of a T-Rex, endure a thunderstorm and walk with an astronaut amongst other exciting experiences via technology from the UK's Appshaker.

Appshaker recently launched a unique way for people to interact with the amazing world of National Geographic Channel's content from around the globe.

Using the principles of augmented reality, people could immerse themselves in different scenes such as dolphins, leopards, the space landings, dinosaurs and more.

Thousands of people interacted with the National Geographic Channel brand in the process as it toured Hungary, with thousands more people sharing snapshots and video on Facebook as a result.

For more information on appshaker, please head to and a huge thank you to Vertigo Digital whom they worked with to create the amazing 3D.

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