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Fabulous Finds for The Fancy Feline. Modern Beds and Bowls to Meow for.

If you've got both a cat and a sense of style, H.J. Mews has the feline furniture and feeding bowl for you.

Carrying some of the most modern and stylish cat pods and beds (some of which I've blogged about in the past) and an array of well-designed feeding bowls, H.J. Mews was initially launched in 1920 in New York.

The H.J. Mews Bespoke Kitten Boutique quickly gained a reputation for selling the highest quality in cat furniture, accessories, and toys on the market. H.J’s discerning tastes and dedication to his clientele made the store a hit and has provided a livelihood for six generations to come.

Cat Beds, Pods, Loungers and Cool places for kitties to hang out.

The Canopy Lounge:
This mid century modern cat lounge by CanopyStudio is constructed of a bent walnut plywood shell with a removable upholstered cushion and solid walnut legs.

Rare earth magnets are embedded in the bent plywood shell, which secure the upholstered cushion to the piece while still allowing it to be removed or swapped out easily. The durable and claw resistant upholstery fabric is imported from Denmark.

Below are 3 multi-functional loungers crafted of maple ply and industrial strength cardboard by Elizabeth Paige Smith.

The Couchette:

The Prrrounge:

The Kittypod:

Below are 2 more multi-functional pods crafted of industrial strength cardboard by Elizabeth Paige Smith.

The Geodome:

The Mini:

Curve, a wall mountable curved wood cat bed in walnut or maple by Akemi Tanaka:

Floor Feeders, Wall-Mountable Feeders and Bowls

Big Bend Bowls by Maya Khaira in birch and maple:

Smorgasbord faux bois white resin bowl holders and bowl by Luke Wong:

Series 3 Cherry and Walnut wall-mountable cat feeders by Vurv Designs:

There are many more wonderful items for kittens and cats at H.J. Mews, be sure to check them out.

How About A Green House For Your Dog or Cat? Modern Indoor Kennels / Planters.

The Kokon Kennel and the K-Bannette Kennel are indoor homes for small pets that are modern, ecologically friendly and double as decorative planters for flowers and greens. Created by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier of Pousse Creative, the small pet homes can function as stylish modern hideways for dogs and cats or as litter boxes hidden from view. They come with flower pots or planters in the top and a comfy pillow. A plastic tub can easily be inserted to hold kitty litter.

Teepees & Cabins For Your Feline Friends From Loyal Luxe.

Simple and affordable ways to give your finicky feline a home of which she can be proud. Loyal Luxe designs and offers flat-packed, easy to assemble cat homes made of recyclable cardboard in the shape of Teepees and Cabins. And yes, they sell the faux bearskin rug, too.

Native American Teepee and Faux Bearskin Rug:

Canadian Cabin:

Modern and rustic simultaneously, the cute abodes- suitable for cats, kittens or even a chihuahua- come with additional adornments and can be easily customized.

Loyal Luxe was founded in 2008 by Maud Beauchamp and Marie-Pier Guilmain, two industrial designers and pet lovers who graduated from Université de Montréal. Born from the idea that products for domestic animals deserved to be different, they knew that people and their animals would be excited by the prospect of products that were more refined and daring, by products that were a perfect match with their tastes and the interior design of their home.

Buy them here

Cat Hammock Combo Coffee Table By Case-Real


Not really designed to be a cat bed per se, this latest coffee table from Koichi Futatsumata and Case-Real has a low slung natural wicker rattan shelf attached beneath the glass table top and to the stainless steel frame.

The suspended hammock beneath it can be used to display magazines, books, objets d'art or... if he's so inclined, your cat.

design: Koichi Futatsumata
material: rattan, glass, stainless steel
size: W.1550 x D.850 x H.400mm
manufacturer: E&Y (Japan)
release: spring, 2010

due out this spring from E&Y
all images copyright© case real ltd.

Doggone Hip & The Cat's Meow: Pet Interiors' Fabulous Felt and Leather Pet Beds

Pet Interiors of Denmark offers beautifully made and nicely designed pet beds for both dogs and cats. The products are hand made in Germany of hard-wearing felt made from pure new sheep’s wool, high-quality, long-lasting fabrics, rattan wickerwork, fine leathers and resilient metal.

Each of the styles of beds come in various sizes and materials, so you have lots of options. They also offer cushions, limited editions, and more. Take a look.

For The Canines

The Cube is available in real or imitation leather and various sizes:

The Bowl is available in leather or imitation leather, as well as felt:

The Camilla, available in various colors:

The Starlit, available in various felt colors:

The Crown, available in various felt colors:

The Arena, available in various felt colors:

Cushions and cover colors:

The Sophie and Rocco Cushions:

Leather cushions, Sam and Stone:

The Stone Cushion in fabric:

Limited Edition Cushions #9 and #11:

For The Felines

The Bowl in leather or imitation leather:

The Bowl in wicker or felt with cover:

The Bowl in felt:

The Crown, available in various felt colors:

The Arena, available in various felt colors:

The Starlit, available in various felt colors:

The Rondo is available as both a free standing bed/house for cats and a wall-mounted house/bed. It's available in real leather, imitation leather, wicker, felt and even limited patterns or scratching materials:

They even make specially shaped cushions for the Rondo:

You can even customize the Rondo with scratchable covers or decorative covers:

The people behind the pets: Christel & Otto Meyer

Christel and Otto Meyer, married, live and work in Lichtenfels. In their shared office for product design, they develop integrated designs based on a closeness to life and are therefore constantly setting new trends. As a result, the innovative collection for was created in 2004. The range was successfully expanded in 2007, when the products for dogs were added.

As well as developing creative porcelain designs, their creative work also focuses on gift items, trade-fair architecture, the designing of corporate identity systems and interior design projects.

They would be delighted to answer any questions you may

They ship worldwide with reasonable prices. Start spoiling your pet here.

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