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Clever Commentary Jewelry by Amsterdam Designer Sacha Lannoye

Amsterdam based product designer Sacha Lannoye has a clever line of jewelry and accessories for the neck and body that make a commentary on society. Gold-plated and silver-plated brass necklaces, brooches, nameplates for shoes and belts are engraved with words that suggest more than just decoration.

Blablabla and YadaYada:

above and below: "Blablabla" and "YadaYada" are persiflages on the well-known golden necklaces of someone’s name. "Blablabla" and "YadaYada" anticipate the superficial side of communication between people. For those who wear it, as well as for the viewers "Blablabla" and "YadaYada" confronts and shows the relativism of things.

size: 80 x 14 x 1,7 mm
material: gold-plated / silver-plated brass

Flowers For Your Lapel:

above: People are constantly looking for renewal. At the same time they want recognition to see the obvious. "Brooch", "Red Rose" and "Corsage" are representations of the actual thing.

Size: 47 x 14 x 1,7 mm
Material: gold-plated / silver-plated brass

Max 20 kg:

above: "Max 20 kg" makes people think about the absurdity to strive for the perfect body. But what do we perceive as "the perfect body"? No healthy woman, old enough to walk on high heels, can measure up to this required weight limit. It indicates that nobody’s fits this propagandistic ideology of the body.

Material: leather, gold-plated / silver-plated brass

Size Zero:

above: A golden or silver label is attached to this belt, which reads "Size 34" (unfortunately, this is a European size, not U.S. sizing so it doesn't make as much sense in the states). The label covers up the original jeans-label that would reveal your real size. "Size Zero" criticizes the pressure society puts on woman towards their appearance. Lots of woman get frustrated, even obsessed by wanting to look skinny.

Size: 88 x 58 x 1,7 mm
Material: leather, gold-plated / silver-plated brass


above: "Workaholic" is a necklace that mocks with people who are obsessed with their work. It's a customized, golden business card, which you can wear as jewellery. This thick golden plate also functions as a small carrying case for your own business cards.

size: 62 x 89,7mm x 7mm or 89,7mm x 62 x 7mm
material: gold-plated / silver-plated brass

photography by Diederik Boel

about the designer:
Sacha Lannoye studied product-design at the academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (ABK). She currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

There are many beautiful and practical products available all over the world.
Despite the overkill of these products, caused by mass-production, people's needs remain unfullfilled.

Sacha Lannoye occupies herself with these subjective needs of people. Her products represent her way of thinking, which is a response to human behavior. She strives to combine content, function and aesthetics in a way that they reinforce each-other.

By putting recognizable ingredients in a new context, products pass out a message and show people her astonished, ironic view of the world. Therefore they become powerful tools, reaching beyond material matter. (text courtesy of soonsalon)

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The above jewelry is available for purchase from the Soon Salon.

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