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Steph Mantis Uses Both Ends Of Mini Animals For Home Decor.

Mini plastic animal heads become whimsical wall racks and/or jewelry holders when mounted on black walnut, white oak or long leaf yellow pine planks salvaged from cabinetry shops and old warehouses. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York by designer Steph Mantis.

The Pack Rack™ jewelry hanger:
Wall-mount ready. Screws not included.
Designed: 2010
10 x 1.5 x 5/8"

$58 each. Buy them here

The Other Ends
So what did she do with the back ends of these animals? She's turned their butts into magnets!:

The plastic animal butts are mounted on rare earth magnets and are sold in sets of 7. They measure approximately 1" - 2" with 1/4" diameter.

Plastic Animal Butt magnets:
Magnet pull strength: 1.15 lbs
Package measures 4x7"
Weighs less than 4 oz.

$20 a pack, buy them here

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