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Interactive Movie For Range Rover Evoque, Being Henry, Emphasizes Choices.

A new branded entertainment effort from The Brooklyn Brothers for Land Rover has you, the viewer, involved in determining the outcome of a movie, which, in turn, dictates the options on a new Range Rover Evoque.

The latest marketing effort is an interactive love-fantasy-comedy movie in which you determine what the main character, Henry, does. As you make choices for Henry, you are simultaneously personalizing your version of the new Range Rover Evoque. There are several routes you can take that feature everything from kidnapping to flirtations.

At the end of the film, whose outcome you have manipulated, you are matched with a particular version of the Evoque that was determined by the choices you made for Henry:

The short interactive film was directed by Somesuch & Co.'s Nick Gordon, and is all about choices, emphasizing the options you have when designing your own vehicle from Land Rover. It's a bit of reach, but entertaining, nonetheless.

The trailer for the interactive film:

Stills from the film:

You choose the direction in which Henry walks, changing the outcome:

Interact with Being Henry here

The brand also has an online project called "The Pulse of the City" in which you can listen to various "city shapers" talk about their cities and can view their personalized Evoque. A profile accompanied by a photo and bio allows you to view that person's journey through different international cities like New York, Madrid and Istanbul, to name a few.

You can upload your own journey here

Other attempts to get people engaged with the brand include their GPS art created with an app to create a geo-location map and share it on Facebook if you wish as well as their "Presence Project"

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