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More Smokin' Modern Outdoor Grills & BBQs

For the past few years, I've been doing round ups of nicely designed modern outdoor gas, wood and coal burning grills and barbeques. Given that it's Memorial Day, I figured it'd be the perfect time to introduce you to a few additions since my top 25 grills for design lovers post last year. The trend now seems turning toward bold and bright colors and Green -as in eco-, in particular. Take a look at these ten new additions to my previous twenty-five.

The Puuur By Barbecook:

A stainless steel barbeque grill with an innovative reflector shield that reflects the charcoal heat back into the ceramic bowl. Easy to light and to clean, the modern design is available in three standard colors or any custom color of your choice.

Learn more here

Bob Grillson Wood Pellet BBQ:

The Wood Pellet Grill from Bob Grillson unites the legendary barbecue taste of barbecuing over real wood with the comfort of a gas grill. Clean wooden pellets offer a safe energy source for the "Green" BBQ.

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Walzer BBQ from MOM Design:

The Walzer freestanding BBQ grill is available in all stainless steel or powder coated in your choice of RAL colors. The BBQ Walzer grill is fitted with (polypropylene) rollers, which allows it to be moved easily across uneven surfaces.

Learn more here

The Kinzo Grill and table:

The Kinzo Grill from BetonWare combines a cement and wood slat table with a stainless steel grill.

Learn more here.

The Plancha from Calanc

Designed by Christophe Calanca for Calanc, the wood and stainless steel grill is on casters for easy mobility and is automatic gas ignited.

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Fire & Steel's sculptural grills:

The Scorpio, the Tripod and the Circle are designer grills from Fire & Steel. Created to appear like large sculptures that contain grills and baskets and have large pulley systems. They are very expensive, but certainly, very unusual.

Learn more here.

Focus Mikado
Focus, the french manufacturer known for their modern fireplaces and the small wall mounted barbeque listed in my previous post on modern outdoor grills has designed the Mikado, an outdoor Firepit that doubles as a grill:

Learn more here

An Eco-friendly BBQ, the Safretti Olympiq

The philosophy behind the design of the OlympiQ revolves around the combination of maximum user-friendliness and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The result is a high-quality, modern design that makes reference to the famous Olympic torch. The OlympiQ is built around the Philips “Woodstove”, a high efficiency wood burn (Philips) technology, originally intended for rural populations in India and Africa. It can be a wok, a grill or an outdoor fireplace.

Learn more here

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Happy Memorial Day!

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