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The Beauty of Table Tennis. Literally and Figuratively. Meet Sooyeon Lee.

Filmmaker and photographer Matthew Donaldson filmed model/actress and professional Korean Table Tennis champ Sooyeon Lee in a slow motion homage to both sport and fashion. The skilled and sexy Sooyeon is wearing fashions by Versace, Jil Sander, Christopher Kane, Mark Fast, and Christian Louboutin as she skillfully demonstrates her Ping Pong prowess in the one minute and 48 second film created for Nowness.

Designer Geraldine Chevrolet was commissioned by stylist Katie Shillingford to create the bespoke fringed tights, gloves and hat that are paired with the couture.

Tennis Table champ Sooyeon Lee serves as an Ambassador for actress Susan Sarandon's SPiN, a chain of ping-pong clubs which counts Lee as its ambassador and has locations in New York, Toronto and Hollywood. "It's become very trendy," Lee observes. "It's sociable, you don't need to be super athletic and it's good for the brain."

A clip of Sooyeon Lee from the Killerspin championships:

And a few of her modeling photos:

Sooyeon Lee

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