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From Durer to Dali, Famous Artists Paint Their Mothers Part Two of Two.

For Mother's Day weekend, I'm sharing portraits of "mothers" by various painters ranging from the 15th century to the present. Yesterday was Part One, a look at portraits of world-renowned artists' mothers prior to the 2oth century and today is Part Two, featuring more contemporary portraits from the 20th and 21st centuries. For more information and caveats, see yesterday's post here.

Franz Marc, portrait of his mother, 1902:

Georgio di Chirico, portrait of the artist's mother, 1911:

Egon Shiele, Mother Sleeping, 1911:

Juan Gris, portrait of the artist's mother, 1912:

Edward Hopper, Elizabeth Griffiths Smith Hopper, the artist's mother, 1916:

Salvador Dali, portrait of the artist's mother, 1920:

Norman Rockwell's Mother Tucking Children Into Bed (for which his mother Irene was the model), 1921:

Grant Wood, Woman With Plants (his mother), 1929:

Arshile Gorky, portrait of the artist's mother, 1936:

William H. Johnson, Mom Alice, 1944:

Alice Neel, My Mother, 1952:

Lucian Freud, The Painter's Mother, 1973:

Andy Warhol, silkscreen of his mother, Julia Warhola, 1974 :

David Hockney, Mum, 1985:

Daphne Todd, Last Portrait Of Mother, 2009:

David Kassan, portrait of the artist's mother, 2010:

See Part One here.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!

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