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Edgy Stocking Stuffers For Under $10 Bucks

When it comes to stocking stuffers - gifts that literally will fit in the sock or stocking traditionally hung on the fireplace mantel, or gifts that aren't the 'hero' portion of the holiday gift-giving, most people end up with plastic toys or edibles. Things to be eaten or thrown away.

But here's a bunch of fun items, most under $10, that will not only get a laugh, but use. Warning, these have a wicked sense of humor and may offend some wimps and pussies.

Hilarious hand sanitizers:

Buy them here.

Tea that is steeped in humor:

buy them here

Tin Banks that are so money:

buy these and many more here

Breath Sprays that will put a smile on your lips:

Chewing gum that will crack you up:

buy these and more here.

The above products and images are all from the witty minds at Blue-Q. And no, I don't get a commission.

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