Sweet Bread. Now, Toast Yourself.

The post just prior to this one today featured the fabulous new music video for the song "Last Leaf" by Los Angeles quartet, OK Go.

The stop motion video features illustrations burnt into toast with a laser. Created in conjunction with the Samsung Create Your World website to promote their new NX100 digital camera, the site also features a fun and easy interactive way to place your own image on a piece of toast.

Simply upload your image, choose your level of toast darkness and voila!

Go toast yourself here.

See the Stop motion video of laser burnt toast for Last Leaf by OK go! here.


Techno Girl said...

Toast art? Never thought I would see that!Isn't there a bit of a problem with it going mouldy?

Design Elements said...


Plastic Cards said...

Yes, love this toast art, very inspirational and great idea.

Plastic Cards

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