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Vintage Globes Get Fun Face Lifts By Wendy Gold

I have already written about Wendy Gold's decoupage work, specifically her Art de Toilette toilet seats and bathroom scales. Now, the designer has moved out of the bathroom and into the world of globes. I can't tell you how thrilling a find this was for me personally, since I actually collect old vintage metal globes myself.

The "Imagine Nation" globes are handmade using vintage globes whose geography is no longer accurate. Wendy finds, cuts and creates the art that she then decoupages onto the old globes. From Superheros to Rock and Roll, each is one of a kind. She also takes on commissions. The globes vary in size from the small novelty bank globes to the larger traditional 30" diameter globes. Prices range from $99-$300.

World Peace Globe:

To The Rescue Globe:

Wild World Globe:

Bon Voyage Globe:

Where The Wild Things Are Globe:

ABC Globe:

Long Live Rock n' Roll Globe:

Flutter By Globe:

Everly Gold Globe:

Oil Spill Globe bank:

A little video as how globes are made:

To purchase one of these globes or commission one of your own contact Wendy Gold.

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