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Wild Modernist Home For Sale. I Mean Reeeeallly Wild.

This single family Hollywood Hills home, built in 1990, has been on the market for a few months now and is listed at $1,995,000 (recently reduced by $200,000).

Without a doubt, the home is very polarizing in its appeal. The 2,490 square foot single family residence, which sits upon a 7,650 sq foot lot, has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and some of the most unusual interior and exterior architecture I've ever seen. Filled with ultra modern furnishings, textiles and art (some stunning, some hideous) I've never seen another home quite like it.

The exterior is that of a very modernist style. Multiple sharp planes jutting out here and there, outdoor catwalks, mitered glass windows, rooms that open to the backyard with curtains. The swimming pool has a cement deck which actually hovers over the water, a wonderful terraced space for entertaining complete with built in outdoor grill, and black stairs descending to the lower level.


The exterior of the home on the ground floor opens into the interior:

Inside the home is filled with unusual jutting angular walls, interior windows that allow you to look from one room to another, angular ceiling beams, black interior walls and ceilings with pin spot lighting, interior catwalks with glass railings, cement flooring, white interior doors, wood log interior walls, giant plate glass windows, and lots of built ins.


The piece of art shown in the image above (and below) is by a Russian artist I have profiled here.

Recently reduced by $200,000, the asking price is $1,995,000.
The home is located at 3391 Ledgewood Drive in Los Angeles, CA. in the east Hollywood canyons:

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