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Toideloi Stackhouse - Modular Birch Plywood Dollhouses & Buildings.

Designed by Martijn van Tilburg for Toideloi, the Stackhouse is a series of modular building sets that can provide children with hours of play. Castles, Chalet, Villages and Skyscrapers can be easily built and rearranged from the various pieces which are all made from clear lacquered Eastern European Birch plywood. The rooms are large and spacious, measuring 14" x 14" (width and depth) and are 9.5" high. The house works great with 1:12 scale furniture.



Village and Skyscraper:

Kids or parents can change the house by arranging and stacking the rooms, balconies and roofs into many unique structures. The Stackhouse is expandable; kids can bring along their rooms on play dates and build a mansion or build up a collection of rooms and roofs over time.

The stackhouses require no screws and have easy assembly. The walls of the rooms simply slide together. No tools required. Once put together the components are very stable. For longer term storage, the rooms can be disassembled in the same way.

Dutch Design. Made in the USA.

Toideloi is a small company specialized in well-crafted original toys. The Toideloi Stackhouse is designed by Dutch designer Martijn van Tilburg. Toideloi follows a philosophy of local manufacturing. The Stackhouse is manufactured in Kirkland, WA.

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